Kotobukiya - Hexa Gear Governor Armor Type: Pawn X1

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Model Specifications:

- This product is a variation kit of ARMOR TYPE: PAWN A1 Ver.1.5.
The head, additional chest armor, shoulder armor, outer thighs, and the large combat knife are all newly designed.
- The large combat knife equipped to the left thigh can be removed from the sheath and placed in the model's hand.
- The assault rifle and knife that were included with EARLY GOVERNOR Vol.1 are also included in this kit as optional parts.

Optional parts can be used as desired.

Included Items:

- Pawn X1 Model x1
- Left and Right Wrist Parts (Closed, Open, Weapon Holding)
- Large Combat Knife x1 set
- Assault Rifle x1
- Bullpup Rifle x1
- Sub-Machine Gun x1
- Handgun x1
- Holster (when handgun is stored) x1
- Holster (when handgun is drawn) x1
- Combat Knife x1
- Knife Sheath (when combat knife is stored) x1
- Knife Sheath (when combat knife is drawn) x1
- PVC HEXA G-R.A.M. x1

ETA 08/2022